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About P3 - Approach and strategy - Our Specialties

At P3 Invent, we make it our primary focus that all your needs are met. We offer a simple, comprehensive and effective development strategy (prototyping). We provide a user-friendly approach that is suitable for any client either technical or non-technical to fully understand and be aware of our development process. This strategy provides a clear-cut result that eliminates any surprises or loopholes that you may encounter at other design firms.

As your needs are our first priority, we understand that there is more to a website than just the design and that every element of a website is equally important, so we approach every client with a basic four-step strategy, comprising of a:
  1. Plan Phase
  2. Design Phase
  3. Implementation phase and;
  4. Testing and Delivery phase
Every phase of the development involves consultation with the client in order to gather feedback, opinions and approval. Allowing you to be in control and be assured that your objectives are reached quickly and efficiently, with results that are simple and professional. You will see your site come to life as we temporarily host it during development.

Throughout the process of development, we constantly undergo quality testing of the website in order to provide a reliable service once delivered to you. Our Web Designers are always thorough and always there to provide you with any assistance you require.

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