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1. What is a domain name?
A domain name is the technical term for the more well known "web address". For example and are both domain names owned by us. P3 Invent provides domain name registration for our clients. You will need to check the availability of your desired domain name.

2. What is web hosting?
Web hosting is a term used to describe the services that are provided for an individual or an organisation in hosting their website. Web hosting is the supplying of web space for a website. If a website is a house, then hosting would be the land, the domain name would be the address and the architects and builders would be us. We recommend obtaining hosting with us, priced at $100 per year.

3. Why is it important to have an outstanding website?
Today, all businesses are in need of an edge over their competitors. This especially applies for small businesses where it is often hard to obtain enough publicity and/or advertisement relative to the big companies. However, the Internet provides equal opportunity for all businesses and it is an opportunity wasted by several businesses that do not utilise this medium. This is especially a waste as consumers are now starting to search for business details, information etc over the internet.

P3 Invent can help you create a professional site which is unique to you or your business and use our flair for design to greatly increase the impact of the site on your visitors, which will give you an edge your competitors.

4. Why is it important to have a compatible website?
The importance of a compatible website is often understated. This is evident in the current state of cyberspace where too many unusable and inaccessible websites are popping up everyday. A compatible website refers to a website that is professionally made and tested with compatibility clearly in mind; this includes web browser compatibility (an area often neglected by web designers) as well as adherence to international web standards. At P3 Invent, we ensure the functionality and compatibility of every page we create.

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P3 Specific Questions

5. How long does the design process take?
The design process of our websites lasts from 2 to 4 weeks from conception to delivery. However, this time cannot be absolute as each client has needs that differ, which can influence the overall time taken for each individual project. P3 Invent will try our hardest to make sure that the website requested by our clients will be completed within a time span that is reasonable for each client.

6. Why is P3 invent different from other web design firms?
Unlike large design firms that have dozens of large corporate projects running simultaneously P3 focuses on making small websites, and as a small business ourselves we understand what is likely at the top of your list, that is a high quality, professional website at an affordable price. The way P3 Invent is structured that is a small online non-brick and mortar firm means we can deliver this and more.

Unlike other design firms that drop their clients as soon as they are finished, we like to have a continued relationship with our clients and offer management plans to help maintain your site into the future. Furthermore we build websites which are compatible, we strongly encourage you to use the validation tools provided at W3C to check our pages and any of our competitor's pages to see our adhereance to the web standards. If a page does not pass this test it will mean the page may not display correctly across different browsers.

7. How will the website be delivered to me on completion of my project?
The website will either be delivered as ready to upload files and directories (with instructions) through email, or if you elected to join a management plan with us, we will upload the complete website for you and make sure everything is working fine. If you provide us with the logins, passwords and ftp server addressses of your current web host we can also upload the files for you. Read our privacy statement.

8. Is all of the work handled via the Internet?
To keep the cost down and our prices low, our business structure requires most of the work is done via the internet and telephone. We are not a brick and mortar firm but we do not believe this to be a disadvantage. Our streamlined design process allows us to get plenty of client feedback on an ongoing basis as we use a prototypic approach.

9. What if I am not satisfied with the work?
P3 Invent stands behind its work and we will do whatever it takes to fulfil our clients' needs. Our friendly design team will work with you to get results that are to your complete satisfaction.

10. What support will I recieve after delivery?
If you elect to stay with us on a management plan we provide you with a client only email address which you can send requests, queries, edits etc. and we will endeavour to answer within 48 hours. If you do not stay with us, we will provide email support (not including updates to the site) indefinetely.

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