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We take your input add it to our creativity and design experience resulting in a unique custom built website meeting international standards. Depending on your needs we can come up with a suitable solution. To accomplish this we will/can implement:
  • Flash with redundancies
  • JavaScript with redundancies
  • Audio/video (digital only - provided to us by email)
  • PDF files (and conversions)
  • Digital or scanned images you provide (we also do photo editing)
  • Stock photos
  • Custom made logos (you can also provide your own)
  • Custom graphics (maps, headers, banners etc.)
Unlike other design firms, P3 realises that a website will not and should not stay static forever and hence we provide you with instructions on how to manually update your site's contents upon delivery. However we also understand that it may not be possible for everyone to undertake this regularly and offer after sales web management plans. Learn more about our pricing.

So no matter what you need, we can cater for you. Our friendly team will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

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